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Cisco Prime does not update devices in "Device Work Center"

Hi everyone.

I have a problem that is bugging me a lot.

I'm working in Cisco Prime 2.0 and we have a big problem.

If I run a discovery and find all a lot of switches, the switches is discovered and are fully managed via SSH and SNMP.

We are using both 2960S, 2960x and a lot of old 2950:s.

We are replacing all 2950:s to some new 2960 model.

The big problem is that when we replace the old 2950:s we reuse the same IP-address (so our customly built programs can find them again), Cisco Prime DOES NOT update the model of the switches. The switches are still in the Device Work Center and are still in recognized as a 2950.

If I mark the switch to view more info in Device Work Center the Unique Device Identifier says that it is a new 2960s/x but the model is still recognized as a 2950 so Prime can obviously find a manage the switch and update "some" info, but not the device itself.

Does someone have the same problem or do I need to delete all 2950:s and do a new discovery so Prime understand?


I have now an example.
Please look at the image.

Cisco Employee

Hi, I ran into same issue,Yes



I ran into same issue,Yes this is known issue,there is a open defect id and is fixed in upcoming releases.


I deleted existing devices and rediscovered,but note you will loose all your configurations related to existing deive model.


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