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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 - list of BSSIDs?

How to obtain a complete list of all BSSIDs in Prime?  We were given a list of BSSIDs from a recent security audit.  We need to validate that list against a list of all valid BSSIDs to determine which BSSIDs are rogues and which one is legitimate.  I don't see any report that can be ran in Prime to extract that information.

I can manually check a few BSSIDs by removing the last octet and searching Prime for the matching AP's base Radio MAC address if it is not a rogue.  I can then ssh to the wireless controller and run the command show ap wlan 802.11b/802.11a [AP Name] to list all of the BSSIDs use by that AP on the 11b and 11a radios.  But how do I get a complete list from Prime?  I would believe that information is there somewhere since Prime has rogue detection.

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I was looking for BSSID in

I was looking for BSSID in WLC4400 but I'm getting following log. AP model is AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9.

I'm not sure if this is limitations with the IOS or Configuration issue ???


(LAX-WLANCTRL-1A) >show ap wlan 802.11a CHRE-R

Cisco AP is not in override mode.

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