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Content Sharing with a user on the Public Internet

Hi Team,

This is an exciting function, but still has the feel of a beta product (which it is).

If anyone could guide me to understand how an iPad/iPhone use on the Public Internet would access the data stream for the slides, this would help me immensely.


For example, would the user require a VPN service, or can the connection be made automaticaly via Collab Edge?

Advice very much welcomed



As it stands right now, I

As it stands right now, I think the user would require a VPN connection to the network, which would allow the connection from the iPad/iPhone device to the codec the device is paired with on port tcp/443.  There is no support at the moment that I can tell through Collaboration Edge.

I'm not the official Cisco answer however.  :-)

I'll chime in though and say I think it would be a good idea to support collaboration edge, because it is a very common network design to allow Guests to connect only to a Guest wireless network, which would not have access to the codec on port 443 except possibly through the Edge.

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