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Cisco Employee

TC7.1 is now released and available on

I am pleased to announce that TC7.1.0 is released and can be downloaded on

Please read the release notes:

Magnus Ohm

New Member

Hey Magnus thanks for

Hey Magnus thanks for creating this group.  I think Proximity will be huge for our company.  

Many of my endpoints are on 7.0.2 and Proximity is working great at this point.  I have downloaded 7.1 and read the release notes but haven't installed it on any legacy codecs (C series etc).  I was wondering if you could confirm the rumors the Proximity would be removed from legacy codecs in 7.1 as I have heard from a few people in Cisco.  I currently have Proximity working on legacy codecs with 7.0.2 and it would be a bummer if it was removed.  

Thanks and I look forward to contributing to this new community.  


Cisco Employee

HiCorrect, in TC7.1 the


Correct, in TC7.1 the feature is unfortunately removed from the legacy codecs and the list of supported codecs applies.

Cisco Proximity is supported with the following endpoint models from TC7.1:

SX10 - Only basic call control at the moment.
MX200G2 / MX300G2


New Member

Why was the EX60s and EX90s

Why was the EX60s and EX90s not on the supported list?  or at least keep it working as it did in 7.0.2



Cisco Employee

Currently it has been decided

Currently it has been decided that only the endpoints in the list above will be supported with Cisco proximity from TC7.1. The byod configuration has been removed in TC7.1 for all other endpoints including EX series.

Thanks for your feedback, the more opinions on this the better.


New Member

Thanks for the responses

Thanks for the responses Magnus.  Clearly the rumors are true.  Is it at all possible for you or someone else from Cisco to speak to why these features were removed from the legacy endpoints?

I ask because I was prepped for Proximity on most of my fleet of endpoints, the majority of which are C and EX.  Upon the release of the Proximity app I got it working on all 7.0.2  devices, even large rooms with C90's that have custom in ceiling speaker setups and the app performed flawlessly.  

I just don't understand why such an awesome (and seeming to be very stable) feature would be removed from these products other than Cisco saying "buy our new codecs".  Is there any chance the feature will return to these in a future update?  If not it looks like I'll be on 7.0.2 for some time as I don't have many of the newer endpoints other than a few SX20's.

Thanks in advance for any response and for your time.


One of the Cisco guys posted

One of the Cisco guys posted the reason in another forum, I can't find that particular post right now, but the reason given was that the required security measures won't work due to architecture limitations on the C-series systems.


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.
New Member

Hi Jens,Thanks for the info

Hi Jens,

Thanks for the info but I've heard conflicting stories from others (including folks from Cisco).  It would be nice to get a clear answer from someone from Cisco.  Don't get me wrong I love this feature and am happy that Cisco is bringing it to us at no cost but I'm just curious why it is being removed from endpoints that most people already have (and ones that seem to work great with Proximity on 7.0.2).  I am now reluctant to upgrade to 7.1 on any of my non SX endpoints right now just because of this feature.  

Thanks all,


That post I referred to was

That post I referred to was in the Telepresence forum, and has now been removed as far as I can see.

Had a meeting with Cisco last week and was told "we're discussing it", so maybe, just maybe, there's been enough pressure from enough customers like ourselves to make this happen. We can only hope as I would also love to have this feature as well, but without the call control option, as having that available would just be inviting students to create havoc during a lecture. :)


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New Member

Hi All,I conducted a stress

Hi All,

I conducted a stress test on a legacy codec and I now understand why support for Proximity isn't offered for them.  

We used a C90 codec and I had about 15 people in the room with someone on the far end pushing a presentation.  We asked everyone to launch the app at the same time.  

What we found was that after about 10 devices connected the codec itself seemed to become unstable.  It was slow in responding to button presses from the remote.  On closer investigation we noticed it got very hot to the touch (hotter than normal).  Also many of the connected devices mobile devices screenshots of the pushed presentation stopped updating after a minute or so (not sure if this was due to the codec or our wifi though).

It seems clear to me that the hardware on legacy codecs cant support a large number of devices connected to it without affecting the codec in a serious way.  Perhaps software updates in the future might allow better performance but my guess is the hardware just can't do it.  Also as more features get added to Proximity, so will the load on the codec so I doubt this will ever work well on the older models (although one can hope).


Good work - thanks for

Good work - thanks for sharing :)


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I'm hearing we might me in

I'm hearing we might me in for a bit of a surprise come TC7.1.2 ;)


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New Member

i cannot get the iOS app to

i cannot get the iOS app to find my SX10

SX 10 is on version 7.1

what am doing wrong

New Member

Hi Brent,Have you turned on

Hi Brent,

Have you turned on the feature in the web interface?  It isn't on by default.


VIP Purple

Log into the web interface

Log into the web interface and do a search for byod on the configuration page, you should be presented with "Experimental Byod".  You'll want to turn mode to "On".