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Timescales for Content Sharing on SX-10

Hi Team,

Another quick question if I may...

The SX10 requires a future Firmware upgrade to support content sharing.

Would anyone be able to share the timescales for this additional planned development?

Thanks all,



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Hello,This should come out in


This should come out in TC7.2 which is targeted by the end of june (PS: the target can slide, so no guarentees can be provided, this is just an indication)


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Are the SX10 units shipping,

Are the SX10 units shipping, mine are still on order. 

They will probably come with TC7.2 with the current delivery delays.

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It's mid-July. Any update on

It's mid-July. Any update on the availability of 7.2 and content sharing?

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Update: SX10 supporting

Update: SX10 supporting content has been pushed from TC 7.2 to the next release.

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Hi Dan - any idea when that

Hi Dan - any idea when that next release is happening?

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The next release will be

The next release will be about 3 months after TC 7.2 is released. TC 7.2 will be released soon. The next release will then be available in November/December time frame.

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Hi all, The SX10 is still

Hi all,


The SX10 is still missing content share in TC7.3.   Any idea on when it will be coming?


Thank you


Dave B

Hi David Beards , since TC7.3

Hi David Beards ,

 since TC7.3, you can use Proximity with SX10 for Content Sharing, to enable it:

xConfiguration Experimental Byod Mode: On
xConfiguration NetworkServices HTTPS Mode: On


Hope this helps.


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Marcelo, I have done what you



I have done what you have mentioned above, however content sharing is not working on the SX10.


Have you actually seen the content sharing work on an SX10?   I am now runnig TC7.3.2 and I cannot get content sharing working on the SX10.  Content sharing works fine on MX800, SX80, SX20 etc with same iPad/Android/Wifi network.


Thank you


David Beards

Hi David Beards, not in a

Hi David Beards,

 not in a SX10 ... I'm using it in a SX20.

 Cisco will insert the Cisco Proximity (in beta trial) as a feature in the new Collaboration Endpoint Software 8.0 release (available for SX10). Check this link.

 The good news is that it will also enable wireless content sharing from Macs and PCs ... I hope that it works well :)


Hope this helps.


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I checked the link and the

I checked the link and the general support/download page. I can't find TC8.0 for SX10, or any date when it will be available.

We have had proximity dangled in front of us for almost a year now, with no general availability of code for Windows.

Is there any firm information on when this will be coming and what devices it will be supported on?

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The new Collaboration

The new Collaboration Endpoint software is abbreviated as CE, not TC.  Mangus might be able to provide a date when it would be released, but it will be released when it's ready.  Windows and MAC client will be released probably around the same time when they provide full support for Proximity with CE8.

The supported endpoints for Proximity are: SX10/20/80, MX200/300 G2, MX700/800, IX5000.

Cisco Employee

Yes as Patrick is saying the

Yes as Patrick is saying the CE8 software will be released when ready and will be followed by the proximity applications. I do not have a reliable target as of this point. We are however getting closer to a release.

The Cisco Proximity apps will be supported on iOS, Android (Handheld) and MAC, Windows. 


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HiWe are targeting the next


We are targeting the next major release for the endpoints, ETA first half of 2015.


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