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Cisco Technical Support v3.8 - New Features

On Monday, October 13th, we released new iOS and Android versions for the Cisco Technical Support mobile app. Among the many new enhancements, two in particular stand out.

New content In-App badging for Videos, RSS Feeds, Podcasts and TAC Support Docs, as well as the ability for end customers to view all open cases associated with their contracts.


New Content In-App Badging

The Cisco Technical Support mobile app can now identify the number of sub categories with new content is added to the Videos, RSS Feeds, Podcasts and TAC Support Docs by indicating the number of sub categories with new content on the app home screen. As you enter a sub category, the count decrements for the overall category.

From within settings, you can control new content badging at the entire category level, or by selecting/de-selecting one or more sub categories within a category. This feature is synchronized with your CCOID. As you modify your settings, or access content from one device, your settings and new content badging will automatically adjust across all your devices.

One Use Case - You can use the new content In-App badging to be alerted whenever there are any new Security Advisories (found in RSS Feeds).


View All Open Cases

Admittedly, the ability to view cases has been a bit confusing for users. Now, when end customers enter the "Cases & Contracts" area, you will see the following options:

  • My Open Cases - List of cases that you have created
  • All Open Cases - Aggregated list of cases you have created with all open cases associated with your service contracts opened within the last 90 days.
  • My Watchlist - Synchronized list of cases that you have "subscribed" to follow from the Actions Menu within the case details screen.


We're continuing to enhance the Cisco Technical Support Mobile app. We're always encouraging feedback from our users. Please let us know if there is a feature you think is missing, or if you would like to see an existing feature enhanced. Your feedback is plays an important role in driving the future roadmap for the mobile app.



Dave Dubé, Product Manager
Cisco Services




thanks for bringing the Cisco

thanks for bringing the Cisco support app.

it works good and easy to use. thanks you Cisco and Team.



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