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Archive of Past Meetings 2007

All the Small Things: Why the little things in IOS
Jason Bomar with LA Networks Services, Inc.
- December 2007
Jason will cover design and best practice recommendations regarding such things as: logging, SNMP, management, DNS, services, etc. All of those little knobs that  you can tweak and turn but are unsure of what they do. As design and recommendations are a part of this, your experience and/or questions are greatly desired, so that everyone can get the most out of it. How one industry deals with logging, as an example, might be very different from how another does. The  20 person company probably has a different set of requirements than the 20,000  person company. Focus will be on IOS technologies. 

Leveraging Cisco IOS for Performance Management...because your infrastructure has so much it wants to tell you.

Ward Cobleigh a Performance Management Consultant - November 2007
A discussion on how Cisco  IOS Technologies can be leveraged to gain a better understanding of network,  voice, and application performance.  Included in the presentation will be brief  demonstrations of products that can utilize Cisco IOS NetFlow, IP SLAs,  and Performance Routing (PfR) to provide unique views into what's  really happening on the network.

Cisco Unified Call Manager Express SRND Guide

R. Kishan Boddapati
with  Sciences, Inc., NY - October 2007
R. Kishan Boddapati,  Cisco CCVP and CCIE-Voice Lab candidate, will discuss the Cisco Unified  CallManager Express SRND Guide. This guide provides design considerations and  guidelines for deploying Cisco Unified CME in standalone or distributed call  control environments.

Metro Ethernet
Kyle Stevens with J2 Communications - September 2007
Kyle Stevens, Cisco Service Provider SE, will discuss Metro Ethernet (also known as Carrier Ethernet) and how customers can take advantage of a wide range of innovative services across a truly converged network. His presentation will focus on the various components of Metro Ethernet, considerations for customers and their service providers, as well as services available now and in the near future.

CACTI Network Monitoring Tool
Alex Wehmeier with LA Network Services, Inc. - August 2007
The presentation will be an overview of the goals of a network management system, and how the open source CACTI NMS can address them. There will be a discussion about additional features that a Cisco shop might want, and how those needs can also be met by the open source community. We will then have an online demo of a live CACTI system, where you should get a feeling for how well this software may meet your needs.

Network Admission Control
Jason Bomar with LA Networks Services, Inc.  - July 2007
Network Admission Control is a hot topic these days, and Jason will be covering Cisco Appliance version of this (as opposed to the Framework  version). We will go over the technology in general, talk about common design considerations, communication process and finally take a look at the product itself via VPN. Do to current NAC product resources; a full demo will not be available. However, screens shots through a demo box will be featured along with where common changes occur.
Come enjoy the 8-year anniversary for our User group!

VRF-Lite for Guest Access with Robert Yee, CCIE #11716 and Wireless LAN Controller Deployment with Hiro Yamanaka  - June 2007
VRF-Lite for Guest Access
One of the growing concerns in IT these days is how to deal with guests  who need to access the Internet, quite possibly via VPN from YOUR network. Do you let them on the inside of your network? Do you just  disallow it? VRF-Lite is a virtualization technology built into IOS which can be used to provide a very scalable solution. Although the take is Guest Access focused, this topic applies to anytime you might want to privatize networks from one another on the same router.
Wireless LAN Controller Deployment
Wireless is a ubiquitous technology these days in any network – from home to enterprise. The issues are how to deploy it securely, how to manage it, and how to determine how it is running. The Wireless LAN Controller’s are an excellent and scalable method for this and Hiro will present a real world experience with this technology.

Fluke Tools (Optiview, Link Runner Pro, NetTool)  - May 2007
with Loc Ta, Territory Sales Manager

WAAS/WAFS (WAN Application Acceleration and WAN File Acceleration) - March 2007
Overview and discussion about using the Cisco WAAS/WAFS product to  provide application acceleration, as well as edge file and print services to remote offices, while preserving a centralized storage model for the organization. I will remotely access a WAAS system, and demonstrate some of the features and management tasks. This presentation  is the sequel to the 6/2005 WAFS presentation, and will highlight the differences in the product versions.

Routing Design Clinic Focusing on OSPF - February 2007
Covering the ins, outs and terms of The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol. OSPF is perhaps the most widely used IGP in large networks.  The discussion will include routing hierarchy, packet format and additional features.