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Archive of Past Meetings 2012

Robert Yee, Dec 2012 -

Robert Yee covered something a bit out of  the ordinary. This presentation was originally created and given by Carl Solder at CiscoLive in San Diego. It is an interesting behind the scene's look at the work involved in bringing a new switch to market. Engineering a switch is truly a collaborative effort that  involves hundreds of people and thousands of man hours. This session  will walk you through the process of deciding a products requirements through to final testing. We will look at things like mechanical design, ASIC design and testing. At the end of this session, you will look at your Catalyst/Nexus/MDS switch just a little different and  have a better appreciation of some of the things you may have never thought about when you selected the switch.

Umair Zubair is a Channel SE from Cisco Systems, Nov 2012 - Discusses Cisco Security: ASA Product Portfolio

Robert Yee, Oct 2012 - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - One of the top concerns for businesses these days is the explosion of personal network devices and how to deal with them. From Tablets to  Smartphones to visitors with laptops how does IT effectively deal with this explosion of devices? Robert Yee will give an overview of Cisco's approach to this timely topic and then end with an open Q&A.

Jonathan “JJ” Joson , Sept 2012 - Cisco Unified Communications Overview: High  level design options and considerations for the Cisco Unified  Communications. We will be discussing deployment options, sizing, redundancy, dial plan, voice routers, remote sites, and survivability.

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems, May 2012 - ISE (Identity Services Engine) and BYOD: BYOD  is top-of-mind for a lot IT teams right now. The biggest question is “how do I allow devices onto the network and still provide security?”  Cisco’s Identity Services Engine is the next-generation identity and  access control platform that will allow enterprises to enforce compliance while still allowing non-standard devices access to the network and resources. In this session we will cover the development and history of access control technologies, what is ISE/Trustsec, and how corporate and BYOD environments. .

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems, April 2012 - Cisco ASA Updates: The security landscape is evolving quickly. Threat vectors are  constantly changing and presenting new challenges to your security strategy (and sanity!). One part of the strategy has always been your  firewall - the ASA. It too has evolved to meet these challenges. This month’s meeting we will discuss the overall threat landscape and cover the evolution (software and hardware) of the ASA - from a crunchy outer layer defense to something more substantial that takes into account not just IP and port, but also contextual information like who, what, where  and how.

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