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A Database Connection Error 5051 error appears in HRC 8.0 or 8.5 when a user tries to login to HRC in a Windows 7 64bit machine

This error is seen when the HRC client is unable to connect to the Informix DB of the UCCX server.

After basic  configurations are verified(such as):

  • Ensure Informix is up on the UCCX
  • “uccxhrc” username has not been changed
  • There is no firewall/blocked ports between the PC and the UCCX node
  • Under C-->Program Files-->Cisco UCCX Historical Reports

Install the Informix drivers on the client machine. Download the same from:

The error 5051 points to the inability of the HRC client to open a ODBC connection to the Informix Database on the UCCX. Thus, the issue can be either on the server side(where the DB is down) or on the client side (where it is unable to open a ODBC connection).

The above wokaround is for a client side resolution and also for a Windows 7 x64bit machine.

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Thank you, your workaround works perfectly for me.