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A DiRT backup of the Cisco Unity 4.x fails, and the "The account you are logged in as does not have 'send as' and 'recieve as' rights on one or more messages stores that Unity subscribers are associated with" error message appears

Core Issue

In the Cisco Unity 4.x server with Microsoft Exchange off-box, while the Cisco Unity data is backed up and restored, an error appears and the backup fails. The Permissions Wizard completes successfully and reports no errors. The DbWalker reports this error message:

Display Name=Example Administrator - XXXX-UNITY1
COS Alias=defaultadministrator
1343:(error) Location reference is NULL.  All objects in the database should be associated with a location object, this is an invalid configuration.

It is necessary to delete and recreate this subscriber. If it is not possible to delete the subscriber in the Cisco Unity SQL Server System Administrator (SA) Web administration program directly, remove the row of this subscriber from the Subscriber table in the Cisco UnityDB database in SQL.

If you are uncomfortable editing SQL directly, contact Cisco Technical Support. Be sure to create a backup of the system with the Disaster Recovery Tool (DiRT) before changes are made in SQL.


In order to resolve this issue, first verify that the backup account is a member of these:

  • This account must be an AD account that belongs to the Local Administrator groups on the server that has the SQL and Cisco Unity installed on it.
  • This account cannot be a member of the Domain Admins or the Enterprise Admin groups, since these two groups deny the Send As and Receive As rights.
  • This account must also be a part of the Exchange Domain Servers group, because these members are given mailbox access rights.

If the account is setup correctly, and the DiRT backup still does not run correctly, issue this command line from the directory in which the DiRT backup executable is configured while logged in as the DiRT backup user:

UnityDisasterRecoveryBACKUP.exe /SkipSara

Refer to these documents for more information:

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