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Adhoc Conferences Drop When Initiator Hangs Up

Wondering if anyone else has seen this and might be able to recommend one more thing to look at before I open a case.

I have an admin user that sets up a lot of con calls during the day.  Sometimes the users function is just to get all the parties together and then drop out of the call.  When they drop out of the conference the conference drops.  By default we are set up keep the conf active.  We have 5,000+ phones (1,500+ 7962s) and users on this cluster and not one other user experiences this issue.  I have changed the device pool, MRGL, and even went as far as to blame the phone and change it.  But I still have the issue.

Any Recommendations???

CUCM Version 9.1.1
7962 Firmware Version: SCCP42.9-2-1ES5S





Could you make sure that the conference calls are not using the built in bridge functionality on the phone. Its a setting under the individual phone. BIB works only for 3 participants though.

Community Member

Hey George,  The BIB on the phone is set to "Default" and the Cluster Wide Service Parameter for BIB is set to off.

Thanks for the post