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After a distribution list is created and imported in Cisco Unity 4.x, when changes are made to the distribution list, Cisco Unity does update or sync the Domino voice message store to reflect the change in the NAB

Core Issue

The distribution list is created in e-mail (IBM Lotus Notes 6.4), copied to the IBM Domino voice name and address book (NAB), imported into Cisco Unity, and assigned a number. In order to make the name reflect the number assigned when the Notes Administrator made the change to the list, Cisco Unity does not update or sync the Domino voice message store in order to reflect the change in the NAB.


Cisco Unity does not automatically synchronize the names of the distribution lists. This is because earlier versions of Cisco Unity 4.x have issues with distribution lists that cause Cisco Unity to create duplicate lists in Domino. 

In order to fix this, Cisco has limited the functionality of Cisco Unity with regard to the distribution list. Cisco Unity must still synchronize the users contained in the list, but properties such as the list name are not synchronized. As a result, the only way to change this on the Cisco Unity side is to remove the list from Cisco Unity and re-import.

Refer to Public Distribution List Settings for more information about distribution lists.