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After an upgrade from Cisco CallManager 4.x to Cisco CallManager 5.x, MobilityManager fails to register with the Cisco CallManager and the Shared Line and Outgoing Ports shows in the "Out of Service" state

Core Issue

MobilityManager 1.2, which worked prior to the upgrade, fails to register after an upgrade to Cisco CallManager 5.0.  The Shared Line and Outgoing CTI Ports shows the Out of Service error message. When you modify the Cisco CallManager version setting under AXL server settings in MobiltyManager 1.2 and activate the AXL Web, the service does not make any change.


Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Refer to the Adding Cisco Unified MobilityManager CTI Users section of Cisco Unified MobilityManager Installation Guide for MobilityManager shared and outgoing users. The configuration is different from 4.x to 5.x., specifically, if these users are end users.

  2. Under System > System Parameters > Auto update JTAPI, make sure that Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) update is enabled and that  IP address of  the Cisco CallManager is entered. Since the Cisco Unified MobilityManager is a JTAPI application, enable the auto update JTAPI in order to update the new version of JTAPI to make it compatible with Cisco CallManager 5.x.

Refer to these documents for more information about Cisco Unified MobilityManager:

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Call control software  (CallManager, CallManager Express, ICS7750, SRST, SS7 call agents)

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