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After Cisco CallManager is upgraded to 4.1, the Speed Dials previously available through the IP Phone Services are no longer available

Core Issue

In a cluster with a publisher, subscribers, and a dedicated TFTP server, after the Cisco CallManager servers are upgraded, the Speed Dial configuration is lost. The Speed Dials work fine before the upgrade.


In order to resolve this issue, complete these steps:

  1. Make sure the Speed Dial configuration file is present in the C:\CiscoWebs\IPPHoneServices\CCMCIP\ directory.

    If it is not in the directory, copy the Speed Dial file (SA-Directory.xml).

  2. After the Speed Dial file is moved into the CCMCIP directory, update the IP Phone Services URL for the SA-Directory service to http://ccm_ip/CCMCIP/SA-Directory.xml, and update all the subscriptions.

Refer to Configuring Cisco IP Phone Speed Dial Buttons with CallManager 3.3x and 4.x for more information about how to configure the Speed Dials.