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After installing Windows 2003 SP1 on a Cisco Unity 4.x server, MediaMaster clients are no longer able to connect with the Unity server, which results in the "Unable to connect to the voice server" error message. Play back controls are disabled

Core Issue

Some default Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) permissions are modified by Windows 2003 SP1, resulting in this error.

This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID


The latest revision of Cisco Unity Permissions Wizard has been updated to correct this issue. For the latest version, refer to Cisco Unity Tools.

Once Windows 2003 SP1 has been applied to the Cisco Unity system, you must run the new Permissions Wizard to correct this issue. Running the Permissions Wizard prior to installing Windows 2003 SP1 does not make the necessary changes.

The only change after installing and running the new Permissions Wizard is a DCOM check box at the end of the wizard. This box must be checked to have full Cisco Unity functionality. After completing the Permissions Wizard, there is no need to reboot.