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After reload, a Cisco IP phone neither initiates the configuration file nor registers with the Cisco CallManager, and the "File not found SEPXXXXXXXXXX" error message is displayed

Core Issue

This is the status messages on the IP phones:

NO DNS Server IP
XML Default.cnf.xml File Not Found
SEP.cnf.xml File Not Found


Verify the Dynamic Host Protocol Configuration (DHCP) settings before performing the resolution steps. Refer to  Troubleshooting the Cisco IP Phone.

To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Go to Service > Service Parameter > Service* > Cisco TFTP.

  2. Click the Advanced button. Set the Enable Caching of Constant and Bin Files at Startup, as well as Enable Caching of Configuration Files to False.
  3. Go to Cisco Call Manager Serviceability > Tools > Control Center. Re-start the TFTP service.

If you continue to have problems with a particular phone, the configuration file might be corrupted.

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