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After the MCS is replaced and the Cisco CallManager 4.x is restored on a new MCS, the MoH service fails to start

Core Issue

After the old Media Convergence Servers (MCSs) are removed from the cluster and the Cisco CallManager is restored on the new MCS, the Music on Hold (MoH) service fails to start, because it tries to access the old MCSs. When an attempt is made to access the MoH, this error appears:

The MOH folder was not found in the directory (\\x.x.x.x\TFTPPATH) specified by the MOH Audio Translation Service Parameter "DefaultTFTPMOHFilePath


In order to resolve this issue, complete these steps:

  1. Choose Service Parameters under Service on the Cisco CallManager Administration page.

  2. Choose one of the Cisco CallManager servers, and choose the Cisco MOH Audio Translator service.

  3. On that page, check the value for the Default TFTP MOH File Path field, and correct the IP address for the path.

  4. Repeat steps one through three for the other Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster.

Refer to these documents for more information:

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