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After the Microsoft patch MS06-019 is installed on the Cisco Unity partner Exchange 2003 server, users are not able to leave voicemail messages

Core Issue

This problem could be a result of the installation of the patch MS06-019 . MS06-019 has been known to cause some issues with Unity


To resolve this issue, upgrade the permissions wizard to the latest version by visiting: Cisco Unity Tools.

Alternatively, you can also overcome this problem by removing  the MS06-019 patch from the Cisco Unity partner Exchange server. .

The MS06-019 patch addresses Send As permissions on Exchange servers. Voicemail messages from outside or unidentified callers are now sent successfully by Cisco Unity and received by subscribers.

To obtain all undelivered messages received during a failure period, move all messages from the \CommServer\UnityMTA\Failed folder to the \CommServer\UnityMTA folder and restart the AvUMRSyncSvr service.


The BU does not test every known article patch but tests full service packs and as that is done the following document will be updated:

Recommended Service Packs and Updates for Use with Cisco Unity and the Cisco Unity Bridge

Unity Version

Unity 4.x