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After the publisher server of a Cisco CallManager cluster is upgraded from 4.0(2) to 4.1(2) and then to 4.1(3), when an attempt is made to upgrade the subscriber server the "The version you are trying to install on the sucscriber does not match the versio

Core Issue

This issue occurs because a new subscriber cannot be built if the subscriber version is different from the publisher. This is an expected behavior as all the servers need to be on the same version.


In order to successfully upgrade the Cisco CallManager Cluster, first upgrade the publisher server to 4.0(2), then upgrade the subscriber to 4.0(2) as well. After this, upgrade the publisher server to 4.1(2), and then the subscriber server to same.

If the upgrade fails due to the same reason, the options to upgrade the subscriber are:

  •   Rebuild the publisher server to the original OS and Cisco CallManager versions. Then restore and start from scratch.   
  •   Remove the subscriber server from the current publisher database, rebuild the subscriber with 4.1(3) media CDs, and re-add this to the cluster.   

Refer to these documents for more information:

Refer to Unified Communications CD Software Request Cases FAQ in order to request the software CDs.

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