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After upgrading to version 3.3(3) with the SR1 patch and MLA 1.2(2), user cannot make any changes or add new users to the global directory

Core Issue

In this instance, there is a cluster of seven servers that have just upgraded to version 3.3(3) with the SR1 patch and Multilevel Administration Access (MLA) 1.2(2). When attempting to add users to the Global Directory, an error message is received even though the person performing the addition has  full admin rights (super user group). The following is the text of the error message:      


Error: The following error occurred while trying to load the requested page.

Could not update user.

Error No: -2100 Error Description: Access Denied


The Data Connection (DC) Directory is not running completely. An Access denied messages appears when the security provider (DC Directory) is down.

DC Directory was in a paused state. Restarting the DC Directory resolves the problem. Look into hard drive space problems, since low hard drive space can cause the DC directory to go into a paused state.

For related information, refer to the following documents:

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