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After user upgrades to CallManager 3.2(2c), the MOH Audio Translator service gives error messages on the subscriber due to this service incorrectly using the LocalSystem account in this version

Core Issue

After upgrading Cisco CallManager from version 3.2(1) to 3.2(2c), the subscribers log Cisco Music on Hold (MOH) Audio errors in the Event Viewer. This is the error logged on the subscriber and is logged once every minute:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Cisco MOH Audio Translator 
Event Category: None  
Event ID: 3  
Date: 10/10/2002 
Time: 7:45:24 PM  
User: N/A  
Computer: Subscriber 
Error: Unable to read/write to Destination directory 
(\\(Hostname of Publisher)\TFTPPATH\MOH), error = 00000005. 

By default, in Cisco CallManager 3.2(1) the MOH Audio Translator service is set  to log on as the SQLSvc account, whereas in CallManager 3.2(2c), it is set to log on as the  LocalSystem account.

Since the local system does not have the network privileges, it prohibits the MOH Audio Translator service from functioning on any machine except the publisher.


For a resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. On the Subscriber CallManager Administration page, select Service > Service Parameters.
  2. Select Cisco CallManager.
  3. Select Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App.
  4. Change the Default TFTP MOH IP Address field to the name of the TFTP server and click Update.
  5. Select Service > Service Parameters.
  6. Select Cisco CallManager.
  7. Select Cisco MOH Audio Translator.
  8. Change the DefaultTFTPMOHFilePath to \\(Name of the TFTP server)\TFTPPATH.
  9. Ensure that the Cisco MOH Audio Translator service has write privileges and can access the TFTP server.
  10. Create an MOH user's account on each Cisco CallManager with the same password.
  11. Bind the MOH Audio Translator service to that account.
  12. Grant the user privileges on the TFTP share or folders.

For more information, refer to Cisco bug ID CSCdy16451.

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