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At times, the MWI in Cisco Unity does not turn off

Core Issue

The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) does not turn off sometimes if MWIs have lost synchronization. MWIs may lose synchronization if, for example, the phone system is off-line when an MWI status changes.


Use this procedure to fix the issue:

  1. From the Windows Start menu on the Cisco Unity server, select Programs > Cisco Unity > Manage Integrations. The Cisco Unity Telephony Integration Manager (UTIM) appears.

  2. For the integration node, click the Properties tab.

  3. In the MWI Synchronization section, click Resynchronize Now.

  4. If applicable, check the Resynchronize At check box, and choose the time that you want the system to resynchronize the MWIs. Cisco recommends choosing a time outside of regular business hours because of the Cisco Unity resources needed for resynchronization.

Beyond this basic resynchronization check, there are numerous possible problems causing MWI on/off problems or delay. Search for "MWI" to see other solutions within TAC Case Collection (TAC CC). For all other issues with MWI, refer to these documents:

For more information, refer to Release Notes for Cisco Unity.

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