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Best Practice to consolidate the add-on and RPM files installation into one Package

Sometimes customer have multiple add-ons and RPM files to be installed  on the thin client. They maybe feature enhancements, Engineering  Specials from development. In addition to use wlx.ini method to install  add-ons, we can also use VXCM package to push multiple add-ons and rpms  to the thin client and have them installed one shot. Using VXCM package  to install add-on can also leverage VXCM DDC (Default Device  Configuration) to automatically apply the add-ons to all relevant  devices.
Using VXCM package to deploy add-ons are also  tracked under VXCM deployed packages record, and doing this way, DDC is able to track what packages have been installed and what are missing.


1. Create the RSP script as the example shown below:



Description=Install SLETC addons


Category=Other packages





SF "<regroot>/*" "/tmp/"

EX "dos2unix /tmp/update-addons-list"

EX "dos2unix /tmp/"

EX "/bin/bash /tmp/ &"


2. Create the directory and file structure as the example shown below, and place all the required rpm files into the folder:

3. Create the 'update-addons-list' file without any file extension as  below in the same folder as the rpm files, and the file looks like  below, changing the UPDATEADDONSLIST+= line as you need.


#  Specify list of addons to be updated preferably in order in which you wish to install


#  Do not modify below line


#  Specify each addon full name in separate line, with leading one space enclosed inside quotes, as shown in below example

#  Example:-

#  Lets say you wan't to install following two addons

#  abcd-xyz-1.1.1.sletc11sp1.rpm and aaaa-xxxx-2.2.2.sletc11sp1.rpm

#  Specifiy these two addons as below

#  UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" abcd-xyz-1.1.1.sletc11sp1.rpm"

#  UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" aaaa-xxxx-2.2.2.sletc11sp1.rpm"


UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" wyse_init-1.0.1-06.173.sletc11sp1.rpm"

UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" cisco_ini-1.0.0-0.0.sletc11sp1.rpm"


UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" libpixman-0.18.0-1.10.3.sletc11sp1.rpm"

UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" firefox-3.6.23-00.07.sletc11sp1.rpm"

UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" icaSettings-8.7.1-17.sletc11sp1.rpm"

UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" merlin_nonpxe-2.5.8-00.00.sletc11sp1.rpm"

UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST+=" custom_gnome-1.0-1.29.sletc11sp1.rpm"

4. Create the file as below:


exec 2> /etc/test

set -x

source /tmp/update-addons-list


for A in ${UPDATE_ADDONS_LIST} ; do

if [ -e /tmp/${A} ] ; then

/usr/sbin/addon-install /tmp/${A}

#  Find WYSE_INIT addon among the list of specified addons


if [ "$WYSE_INIT" == "wyse_init" ] ; then







/sbin/init 6

5. Create a new VXCM package by importing the RSP file, and push the package by Drag-and-Drop or DDC.

6. If you need to install more add-ons, you can just copy the new rpm  files into the VXCM software repository package folder and update the  'update-addons-list' file

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