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Calling Party Transformation Pattern not applied CUCM v8.6


You need to change your CUCM dial plan to a globalized one, but you are
facing an issue with the outgoing calling party applied and the voice gateway E1 endpoint.

When placing a call from IP Phone a calling and called transformation patterns must be
applied at the E1 endpoint.

The DNA shows that this transformations are working properly , but when you test the call in the
production system only the called number is transformed, and the calling number is
the calling party transformation mask.


The issue is if you place a call from IP Phone external phone number mask
then on the route pattern you have a use external phone number mask option checked which will transform
it your calling party number, and then on the GW also you have a calling party transformation, but this
is not applied. 
This is a known behavior that the transformations done on the route pattern are not taken into account for the calling/called party transformations.
1.      Uncheck "Use calling party external phone number mask" on the Route pattern, and make sure that there are no other transformations done on the Route pattern or Route list level. Do no mgcp/mgcp on the gateway after making the changes to make sure they are applied properly. 2.  Another way to perform the transformations on the calling and called number on the Route list itself (at the route group part of the configuration) as explained here:
This way you dont need to perform any transformations on the gateway itself. The calling party transformation settings that are assigned to the route groups in a route list override any calling party transformation settings that are assigned to a route pattern that is associated with that route list. This similar issue is documented in
Cisco Bug
"DNA displays the incorrect calling/called number through translations"

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