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CallManager service does not start on reboot and the "[MMManInit::initializing_routeplan]]" error message is found in the Event Viewer application, CallManager and SDL traces

Core Issue

This error is seen in the Cisco CallManager Signal Distribution Layer (SDL) traces:



The MMManInit::initializing_routeplan message suggests that the Route Plan Initialization timer is expiring and causing the Cisco CallManager service to fail to start on reboot.

To increase the Route Plan Initialization timer, perform these steps:

  1. Open up a Cisco CallManager Administration webpage in a browser.
  2. Under the Service menu, select Service Parameters.
  3. On the Service Parameters Configuration page, select a server and the Cisco CallManager service.
  4. Under Clusterwide Parameters (System > General), there is a parameter called Route Plan Initialization Timer (sec). Increase the value.
  5. Click the Update button. This change will be applied to all Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster.

    Note: The change will be applied the next time the Cisco CallManager service is restarted.

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