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Calls from IP phones to the PSTN through the MGCP or an H.323 IOS gateway with Multicast MoH configured on the Cisco CallManager fail to broadcast the MoH to the PSTN. Silence is heard on the PSTN end

Core Issue

The Cisco CallManager configuration is set correctly, and the multicast stream for Music on Hold (MoH) reaches the Cisco IOS  gateway. However, it is not forwarded to the PSTN phones.


In order to resolve the problem, issue the ccm-manager music-on-hold command on the voice gateway that connects to the PSTN. This is a required command, for both H.323 or MGCP IOS gateways, in order for them to successfully receive multicast MoH as instructed by the Cisco CallManager.

Also, confirm that the gateway in CCMAdmin, has a Media Resource Group List with a Media Resource Group that has a multicast capable MoH server. Also, ensure that Use Multicast for MOH Audio is checked (against the Media Resource Group used by the gateway).

Refer to CallManager Music on Hold Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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