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Cannot start the RTMT, the "Error polling alert status -Internal error" error message appears, and the RTMT loses its configuration

Core Issue

This error occurs when the Cisco CallManager and the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) services are deactivated on a subscriber node, and the Real-time Information Server Data Collection (RISDC) on this node is not reachable from other nodes:

Replies contains error, [ErrorCode]:14, [ErrorMsg]: RISDC is down or unreachable or Error
pulling alert status - RISDC data collector is down or unreachable

The Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) that points to the other nodes displays this error message:

Reply contains warrning, [ReturnCode]=11,[Warning]=Remote is down or unreachable: (that
subscriber node name).

A misconfiguration can cause this error message.


This is an installation issue. The RTMTLogger and the RemoteSystemAccess server and components are not setup properly. Make sure that Cisco RIS Data Collector service is running on all servers in the cluster.

Solution 1

  1. Choose Service > Service Parameters > Select Server > Select Service > Cisco RIS Data Collector from the Cisco CallManager Administration page.

    The list that is generated comprises the service parameters associated with the RTMT.

  2. Choose True for Data Collection Enabled.

  3. Restart the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

  4. Restart the RTMT or the RISDC.

Solution 2

  1. Choose CCM admin page > Service > Service  Parameters > Select PUB and then Primary Collector.

   2. Make sure that this value matches a configured Cisco CallManager server. Click on Update for the parameter change to take effect.