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Cannot turn off the "Auto Line Select" on the 7960 IP Phone with shared line

Core Issue

When an incoming call is received on a 7960 shared line, the call is answered immediately as the handset is lifted, without the option to the user whether to answer the call or to make an outgoing call, which bypasses the incoming one. This behavior does not change even though Auto Line Select is set to disable.


In order to correct this behavior, complete these steps:

  1. Choose CallManager Admin Page > Service Parameters > Select Publisher > CallManager Service.

  2. Change the Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone).

    Parameter name  Parameter value

    Always Use Prime Line*--- True

The default value for the Always Use Prime Line parameter is False. If the flag is set to True, when the phone goes off-hook or the speaker button is pressed, then the primary line is chosen and becomes the active line. If a call comes in on the second line of a user, to go off-hook makes only the first line active. In this case, the user must select the second line in order to answer the call. If the flag is set to False, the phone automatically chooses a line as the active line based on the line status.

Refer to Cisco Technical Support IP Phone FAQ for more information on IP Phone related questions.

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