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Change VXCM Server Name and IP Address

Procedure to change VXCM server IP address and Name


Microsoft .NET services installed, Wyse MDTools or MSSQL Enterprise Manager installed.

Note: VXCM is Wyse Device Manager(WDM)


The Wyse MDTools utility can be used on both the WDM (formerly known as Rapport) Workgroup and WDM Enterprise editions, but the procedure to use the MSSQL Enterprise Manager for the WDM Enterprise edition has also been included.

To change the Server Name and the IP Address by using Wyse MDTools

  1. Download the MDTools utilities from the attachments below.
  2. Verify that Microsoft .NET is installed on your VXCM server. Download from Microsoft and Install if necessary before continuing
  3. Copy the Wyse MDTools.exe file to your VXCM server desktop
  4. Run MDTools.exe
  5. Click on the “Browse” button to select the Database Server name. The default name is <Your Compute Name>\RAPPORTDB
  6. Click on the “Default User” box to populate the Username and Password  fields, or if the default user does not work to login to database, enter  the following credentials:

username: rapport, password: ThinMgmt_451

   7. Under the “Select which table to view” window, select “Server” and press “View”

   8. Change the server name or the IP address as required and click on the “Save Changes” Button.


   9. Close MDTools

   10. Reboot the server

   11. (OPTIONAL) Launch VXCM diagnostics to verify that VXCM functioning properly, a detailed HTML report will be generated as a result which looks like the attached file below

        a. For VXCM 4.9 launch RptDiags.exe from c:\Program Files\cisco\VXC-M\Utilities

  12. (OPTIONAL) Open VXCM Management Console, and change your  software repositories configuration to point to the new IP address if  the software repositories is on the same server as VXC-M, go to Console  Root -> CiscoVXCManager ->Configuration Manager -> Software  Repositories

To change the Server Name and the IP Address by using MS SQL Enterprise Manager

  1. Launch MSSQL Enterprise Manager
  2. Go to “Databases”
  3. Select the RapportDB (the VXCM Database) from the Database list.
  4. Expand RapportDB and select the “Tables” node
  5. Edit the DB tables     
    1. Right-click “Server” “Open Table” “Return all rows”

i.      Change the name of the server

  ii.    Close ‘Server’ table

  1. Right-click ‘Install’ table… return all rows

i.      Replace entries of old “ServerName” in the table with the new name of the Database server

ii.    In the “RegName” column look for “DBServer” and then replace RegValue with current server name

iii.  Close Install table

  1. Right-click RapportUser… return all rows

                                                              i.      If  not on a Domain, Edit existing user or add a user to give you access.

                                                            ii.       (Name: Administrator, Domain: <computer name of server>)

                                                          iii.      Close RapportUser table

  1. Close MSSQL Enterprise Mgr
  2. On all VXCM servers, Run  regedit HKLM\Software\Rapport\Database and change the RegValue for  “DBServer” to match actual server name
  3. Reboot Server
  4. Launch RptDiags.exe from c:\Program Files\Rapport\Utilities to confirm components check into Database after name change.
  5. Launch VXCM
  6. Follow above step 11 and step 12 to verify VXCM is functioning properly and change the software repository address if necessary