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Cisco CallManager IPVMS service does not start and the "1061" error message appears on the Cisco CallManager webpage

Core Issue

Cisco CallManager IPVMS service hangs and does not start. When you try to start it from the Cisco CallManager control center, it displays the 1061 error message.


Complete these steps in order to kill the process:

  1. Right-click the taskbar and open the Task Manager.

  2. Choose Processes and make sure that you have show processes for all users checked.

  3. Find the process ID for the Ipvmsapp.exe.

  4. Then go to the command line and cd > utils, then type kill pid 888 or the process ID to which it is assigned.

  5. Then try and restart it from the command line or control panel.  If it does not fix the problem, proceed to step 6.

  6. Schedule a downtime and restart the server.

Refer to Cisco CallManager Services for more information on Cisco CallManager Services.

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