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Cisco CallManager service repeatedly fails to start on the Publisher with the "CDR database connection error" error message in the event log

Core Issue

Database replication from Publisher to Subscriber does not occur. This could be because the password for the Structured Query Language (SQL) CiscoCCMCDR user is incorrect.


Resetting the CiscoCCMCDR user password to dipsy resolves the issue. Refer to the CDR Database Access section of Administrative Tools Overview.

To reset the CiscoCCMCDR user password, perform these steps:

  1. Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager.

  2. Go to Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group.

  3. Double-click the machine name (the Domain Name System (DNS) name of the machine).

  4. Go to Security > Logins.

  5. Right click on CiscoCCMCDR.

  6. Go to Properties. Select the General tab, and change the password to dipsy.

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