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Cisco Cius EAP and software release process


About This Document

This document is written as a communication to Cisco customers and partners about the release process for Cisco's highly anticipated Cius tablet.  At the initial release it will contain the same information that can be found by partners and Cisco account teams elsewhere.  After the Cius is released this document will serve as an information portal for the post-release software updates.

Cius Ship Dates

Ship dates shall be assigned for Cisco Cius open orders as of the end of  July 2011.  Due to the high interest in Cius, lead times are currently  estimated at 21 days and this will be incorporated into the assigned  ship date.  Transit time from the manufacturing facility to arrival in  the customer’s hands will be an additional 5-7 business days.


Cisco Cius Experience Assurance Process (EAP)

The Experience Assurance Process (EAP) is designed to ensure the best possible customer experience by assessing the readiness of the customer's network for a innovative solution like Cisco Cius. Partners can access a PDF, describing the EAP process and several technical resources via the Cius Partner page at Please take advantage of this information to help you prepare, prior to completing the Cius EAP.  Customers that work directly with a Cisco sales team should contact their account representatives for further information on the Cius EAP.


With the release of the 9.2(3) firmware for the Cisco Cius the EAP is officially closed.  Partners and customers wishing to deploy the Cius should still make every effort to ensure the wired and wireless network is designed and configured to properly support voice applications.


Software Release Process

Upon receipt of the Cius, you shall be included in a software update release process. We anticipate software updates to be released approximately every  three  weeks for a period of 3 months.  This will provide key software updates that you will benefit from when using the Cius.  We will use the email ID  you provided during the EAP survey to communicate these updates to you along with the location and instructions on how to update your Cius tablets.


Cius Software is available for download from the Software Download tool on at:

Products > Voice and Unified Communications > Unified Communications Applications > Unified Communications Mobility > Cisco Cius



Please note that acceptance of the delivery of Cius tablets means you agree to install these feature enhancement/performance updates. The latest version of software must be loaded on your Cius device to get support from Cisco TAC.


Cius phone loads


VersionFilenamePosting DateReadme
Release Notes



August 29, 2011LinkLink


September 22, 2011LinkLink


October 11, 2011LinkLink
9.2(2) (wi-fi)cmterm-cius.9-2-2-49SECDecember 5, 2011LinkLink
9.2(2)AT (4G)


December 1, 2011LinkLink
9.2(3) (wi-fi)cmterm-cius.9-2-3-143March 15, 2012 Link
9.2(3) (4G)cmterm-ciusSP.9-2-3-143March 15, 2012 Link


About Cius version names

With the release of hte 4G Cius coinciding with 9.2(2) the version name will reflect the different software for the different hardware models.

A version with no letter suffix and the filename cmterm-cius is for the WI-FI only Cius.

A version name with the suffix AT and the filename cmterm-ciusSP is for the AT&T 4G Cius available in the United States. 


Download Cius phone loads from