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cisco cme with auto attendant

Hi all,

Please help, i am having a problem to understand the CME configuration. hope someone would spend couple minutes to explane / answer my questions.

1. what do i need to make auto attendant work on cisco cme. 

do i need BACD to make AA work? what about dial peer?  would someone please give me more detail, some light on this confusion.  i googled and searched on cisco website, but still confusing.

would someone please give me an example how and what do i need to configure on the router and CUE to make AA and voicemail work properly.  thank you very much in advance

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First of all, you created a KB document, the intention of a document is to share knowledge, something that you've done in the lab or some integration that you think it’s important to share. You may need to delete this and create a "question" post.

Then, there are tons of documentation on with configuration examples of CME/CUE, if this is the first time you'll setup a CME/CUE site, and you don't have previous experience, please engage a Cisco Partner for the deployment, then you can manage the daily basis user's requests and start getting experience with the products.