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Cisco MeetingPlace users receive the "Error:[5144] Not enough recording space available for your meeting" error message during the attempt to schedule a meeting that is to be recorded

Core Issue

There are two databases that reside on the MeetingPlace server. One is a fast-access database that contains limited information. The other is the full database, that is regular conference schedule database. This issue occurs because the two databases have become slightly out of synchronization.


If you perform Hardware Conversion from PCI to 8106 or 8112 audio servers, make sure the Max Recording Space (min) figure is a non-zero value.

In order to verify or update this value, use the MeetingTime application and login to the audio server.  Under System , choose View Disk Usage Statistics, click Execute, and note the Remaining free disk space (min) value.

Then choose Configure, and choose Server Configuration. Choose Query in order to bring up the current settings, and locate the Max recording space (min) field. Compare and update with a figure to that approximately 80% of the remaining free disk space (min) value, and click Save Changes.

This ideally fixes the problem and allows you to schedule meetings.

In order to instruct the fast-access database to synch up with the full database, issue the touch /tmp/.rebuildConfSchdDB command, and reboot the MeetingPlace server. The command cleans up any of the inconsistencies in fast-access database and makes it the same as the regular conference schedule database. This allows the meetings to be recorded.

When Problem Occurs

When scheduling a meeting

Voice Application Errors

Not enough recording space available for your meeting

Voicemail, Conference, CRS/IPCC, Autoattendant and TTS/ASR Functions