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Cisco Telepresence System - Shroud light power down timing in 1.7

Problem Description

Timing of shroud light power down in CTS v1.7

Conditions / Environment

Normal operation

Root Cause

NOTE: This information pertains to systems with their CUCM profile set to "On with calls only"
Generally, the lights turn off after 15 seconds for personal systems (CTS-500, CTS-1000 for example) and the public room systems turn off after 5minutes (CTS-3000, CTS-3200)
  • For the 500 unit, this is configured in the CUCM profile under Product Specific Configuration Layout under Lights.

  • For the 3xxx and 1xxx models with an ACU, it is configured under the CUCM profile under Auxiliary Control Unit - Power Control.

  • The trigger to turn off the lights varies depending on the system type and setup

Summary of the differences:
CTS ModelLight Timer
50015 seconds
1xxx15 seconds
3xxx5 minutes
  • If there is presentation plugged in or a DMP is connected, the system will turn the lights off after 15 seconds regardless of system type.

  • There were some inconsistencies in shroud light shutdown times in pre 1.7 code.

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