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Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975 goes dead during CTS endpoint or MIDlet upgrade [Version 1.6 –or- 1.7].

Open Caveats October 2010.

CSCtg17626   Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G died during a telepresence session and IP phone load upgrade

CSCtg63665    Out of space when Midlets tries to load on 7975 phone

To-be-fixed in version 9.0(3) 

Workaround :  Resetting the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975 Factory Image

When upgrading . Check also the compatibility matrix for the  CTS and IP phone image.

For this CDETS :

CSCti15346     MIDlet version does not verify on the phone after upgrade.

Conditions   On some phones the MIDlet version does not verify properly. A reboot works on most phones to fix the problem but not on all phones.

Workaround   If a reboot does not work, do the following from the phone:

1. Push the Settings button.

2. Select #7 (Applications).

3. Select the MIDlet.

4. Touch the Delete Data softkey.

The new MIDlet verifies properly.