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Cisco Unified Presence 8.x and 'Upgrade during Install'


This document is created to share some techincal information related to CUPS 8.X upgrade procedure. While installing a new CUP server, we can see two options available so that, we can choose how we want to proceed.

1. Install the base version only (like 8.0.1).

2. Upgrade during Install.

The second option is commonly called 'UI' and this is also seen with other UC servers like CUCM. As the name of this option clearly states, we can upgrade the server directly to a higher release, say 8.5.1 or later, during the fresh Install itself. However, the second option doesn't work on any CUP server though it validates the SFTP/FTP server credentials that has the upgrade image.


  • Cisco Unified Presence Server (Publisher and Subscriber)

Components Used

  • Cisco Unified Presence Versions 8.0.3 and 8.5.1

Procedure Implemented

1. I have a CUP Publisher that was originally installed with version. Later, i upgraded it to 8.5.1 version.

2. I decided to install a new CUP node (Subscriber) and wanted to use the UI option. This is because my Publisher is already on 8.5.1 in the active partition.

3. During the installation, the baseline version was first installed and then i was prompted to enter the SFTP server details that has the 8.5.1 upgrade image.

4. It validated the credentials, located the file in there and proceed with the upgrade. I could see that everything was going smoothly for a while.

5. After a few minutes, i could see the error message that can be seen in the image file attached.

6. I tried the upgrade several times using the same procedure, but that never worked.

Later, i contacted our CUP Development team regarding this and came to know that this UI option is not tested internally.The only way to upgrade a new Second node is to install it with a base version first and then upgrade it, which is normally done a lot of times. After a long discussion, it is found that the Release Notes entry for CUP 8.X should be modified so that it reflects this problem clearly. The original document lists the UI option in 'Upgrade' section which is conflicting with this result. Hence, it is modified now and this option can not be used on CUP server.

Please refer to the modified document below before using the UI option.

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