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Cisco Unity answers after one or more rings, then goes to a fast busy tone

Core Issue

With Cisco Unity, Cisco Exchange on the Unity system, and Cisco CallManager as the soft switch for Cisco Unity, when a call is transferred to voice mail it rings, and when Cisco Unity picks up instead of an announcement or greeting, it immediately responds with a fast busy tone.

Outbound calls here are working fine, only calls transferred to voice mail cause this reorder problem. Regarding software compatibility, the tag-switched path (TSP) version is 7.01, Cisco Unity is version 3.1(3), and Cisco CallManager is version 3.2, so there are no problems with software in this instance.


Many times when Cisco Unity only gives a fast busy, it is a port problem. Ports could be frozen, there might be some software problem with the port, or it could be a licensing issue.

In this situation, the Cisco Unity system is licensed for four ports, but only one port is showing, so the fast busy tone is presented. Since the system is working properly, the problem is that the dongle on the Cisco Unity system has become loose. Reseating the dongle, rebooting, and running the synchronizer enables all four ports to work again.

For more information about troubleshooting port problems in Cisco Unity, refer to Troubleshooting Port Lock Ups In Cisco Unity.

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