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Cisco Unity does not answer any internal or external calls

Core Issue

Call problems to Cisco Unity fall into one of these two categories:

  • No internal or external calls are answered. Problems that prevent internal calls from being answered are a  subset of problems that prevent external calls from being answered. To address this problem, refer to the documents in the resolution.
  • Some internal or external calls are answered. If you determine that the problem only occurs with some internal or external calls, refer the document  Unity is not answering some internal or external calls


There are several reasons that Cisco Unity may not answer any internal or external calls. To resolve the issue, perform these steps, referring to the listed sections of Internal and External Calls:

  1. Confirm that the phone system settings are correct. Refer to the Confirming the Phone System Settings section.

  2. Confirm that Cisco Unity was restarted after an Exchange shutdown. Refer to the Confirming That Cisco Unity Was Restarted After an Exchange Shutdown and Restart section.

  3. For serial integrations only, confirm that a Common Equipment (COM) port is available. Refer to the Confirming That a COM Port Is Available to Cisco Unity (Serial or SMDI Integrations Only) section.

  4. If callers hear a reorder tone or dead air shortly after Cisco Unity startup, enable the ForceGlobalAcmThreadSafety registry setting. Refer to the Enabling the ForceGlobalAcmThreadSafety Registry Setting When Corruption in Windows ACM Causes Callers to Hear Reorder Tone or Dead Air Shortly After Cisco Unity Startup section.

  5. For circuit-switched systems only, confirm that the phone system generates a ring signal. Refer to the Confirming That the Phone System Generates a Ring Signal (Circuit-Switched Systems Only) section.