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Cisco Unity fails to start after an upgrade to version 4.0(5), and the "AvCsMgr: Failed to create LogMgr (error = 0x80040154)" and "AvCsMgr service failed to initialize the component manager" error messages appear in the application event viewer log

Core Issue

This error message appears in the application event log:

AvCsMgr: Failed to create LogMgr (error = 0x80040154).

This error also appears:

AvCsMgr service failed to initialize the component manager.

When the AvCsGateway is restarted, these messages appear:

  • Error initializing AvLogMgr CoCreateInstance: error 0x80040154 Class not registered ,Turn on initialization diagnostics to troubleshoot.

  • AvCsGateway: Failed to initialize AuthenticationMgr (error = 0x80040154).
    AvCsGateway: Failed to initialize AuthorizationMgr (error = 0x80040154).

The errors usually occur when these particular DLL files are either not present or not registered.


In order to resolve this issue, after the AvCsMgr: LogMgr, AuthenticationMgr, AuthorizationMgr error messages appear, manually re-register these DLLs with regsvr32 from the \CommServer\Components folder in a Command window:

  • AvLogMgrSvr.dll

  • AvAuthenticationMgrSvr.dll

  • AvAuthorizationMgrSvr.dll

Refer to Cisco Unity 3.1(x) and 4.x: AvCsMgr Service Fails to Start for more information.

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