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Cisco Unity subscribers cannot be located in a new or updated directory handler

Core Issue

Subscribers or outside callers may report that they are unable to locate one or more subscribers    in a recently created or updated directory handler. When a directory handler    is set to search by a distribution list, the membership is synchronized from    the Active Directory or Exchange 5.5 Directory into the Cisco Unity    SQL database. Changing the distribution list that the directory handler searches    on requires synchronization. The synchronization takes place when the Cisco Unity    directory services (AvDSAD and AvDSGlobalCatalog) poll the directory    for any changes to be applied to the SQL database, which usually occurs within    fifteen to twenty minutes after the change is made on the Directory Handler Search Options    page in the Cisco Unity Administrator.


To manually synchronize the Cisco Unity database, perform the following procedure.

  1. In the Cisco Unity Administrator, select System > Configuration > Settings.    

  2. In the Replicate Cisco Unity Directory Objects section, click Changed Objects.The Settings page is refreshed and the database changes are synchronized in the background.  

  3. Wait a few minutes, then call in to Cisco Unity to confirm that the subscribers can be located in the directory handler.    

  4. If the subscribers still cannot be located, confirm that they have recorded names. Subscribers must have recorded names to be accessed by using directory handlers.

Another way to update directory handlers is to change the membership of a distribution list by which one or more directory handlers are scoped. Changes made to distribution list membership by using the Cisco Unity Administrator are updated in the Cisco Unity database within a few minutes. However, in complex networked sites, the replication process may take much longer. This is a function of network complexity and varies from site to site. The network replication process time is not a function of Cisco Unity directory synchronization services, and it is not possible to reduce this time by using the previous procedure.

For other related issues, please refer to the Cisco Unity Subscriber and Administrator Access troubleshooting guide.

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