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Cisco Unity subscribers logging on to Cisco Unity hear the opening greeting instead of the subscriber conversation

Core Issue

This problem can occur if the integration is not enabled or the phone system settings are not correct.


Confirm that the integration is enabled and that the phone system settings in the Cisco Unity Administrator are correct using the following procedure.

  1. From the Windows Start menu on the Cisco Unity server, select Programs > Cisco Unity > Manage Integrations. The Cisco Unity Telephony Integration Manager (UTIM) appears.    

  2. Confirm that the settings match those indicated in the integration guide for your phone system.    

  3. Correct any incorrect values for the phone system.    

  4. If you changed values in step 3, click Save.    

  5. If prompted, restart the Cisco Unity server.

For further information, please refer to the Cisco Unity Subscriber and Administrator Access troubleshooting document.

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