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CME 10.5 support for Conference max-length




New conference related CLIs “conference max-length” and “conference-pattern blocked” are added from Cisco unified CME 10.5. This document covers the support and the procedure on how to configure the maximum number of digits for a conference call.

New conference related CLIs “conference max-length” and “conference-pattern blocked” are added from Cisco unified CME 10.5


New CLIs with description

> conference max-length

When conference max-length command is configured, the Cisco Unified CallManager Express will allow the conferences only if the dialed digits are within the max-length limit. If configured, the conference max-length command does not impact call transfers.

> conference-pattern blocked

The conference-pattern blocked command is used to prevent extensions on an ephone or a voice register pool from initiating conferences.

The behavior of the conference-pattern blocked command in relation to no conference-pattern blocked is,

conference-pattern blocked - This command sets: No conference calls allowed for SIP and SCCP phones.
No conference-pattern blocked  - This command(default case) sets allowing/blocking of conference call depends on configured conference max-length

> transfer-pattern

The transfer-pattern command for Cisco Unified SCCP IP phones is extended to Cisco Unified SIP IP phones. The transfer-pattern command specifies the directory numbers for call transfer. The command can be configured up to 32 times using the 

command syntax: transfer-pattern transfer-pattern [ blind ].

> transfer max-length

The transfer max-length command is used to indicate the maximum length of the number being dialed for a call transfer. When only a specific number of digits are to be allowed during a call transfer, a value between 3 and 16 is configured.When the number dialed exceeds the maximum  length configured, then the call transfer is blocked.
For example, the maximum length is configured as 5, then only call transfers from Cisco Unified SIP IP phones up to a five-digit directory number are allowed. All call transfers to directory numbers with more than five digits are blocked.


Note: All these transfer and conference configurations are applicable only to external numbers.



Prerequisites:  Cisco Unified CME 10.5 version or later.

Perform the following steps for configuring the Maximum number of digits for a conference call

Configuring transfer-pattern under telephony-service:

Router(config-telephony)#conference transfer-pattern
Router(config-telephony)#transfer-pattern 5...


Configuring “conference max-length” & “conference-pattern blocked”:
Under ephone
Router(config)#ephone  1
Router(config-ephone)#conference max-length 4
Router(config-ephone)#conference-pattern blocked

Under ephone-template
Router(config)#ephone-template  1
Router(config-ephone-template)#conference max-length 4
Router(config-ephone-template)#conference-pattern blocked


Configuring “conference max-length” and “conference-pattern blocked”:

Under voice register pool
Router(config)#voice register pool 1
Router(config-register-pool)#conference max-length 4
Router(config-register-pool)#conference-pattern blocked

Under voice register template
Router(config)#voice register template 1
Router(config-register-temp)#conference max-length 4
Router(config-register-temp)#conference-pattern blocked


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