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Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco SIP CUBE/Gateways and MGCP Gateways.

New Member
04-08-2013 12:00 AM PST thru 04-19-2013 12:00 AM PST

Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco SIP CUBE/Gateways and MGCP Gateways with Edson PineiroWith Edson Pineiro

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about configuring and troubleshooting Cisco session initiation protocol (SIP) Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)/Gateways and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Gateways with Cisco expert Edson Pineiro. Learn about the different types of  various aspects of call signaling methods, requests, response SIP exchange and behaviors and why secure device provisioning (SDP) is important. You'll also learn about common issues when troubleshooting call manager MGCP registration, digital signal processors, foreign exchange subscriber interface (FXS), foreign exchange office (FXO), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI), integration with service providers and Q signaling (QSIG) Private Branch Exchanges (PBX).

Edson Pineiro is a senior customer support engineer in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center in Sydney. His current role includes configuring, troubleshooting, and designing gateways, gatekeepers, Cisco Unified Border Element Enterprise Edition, and Cisco Unified Call Manager using his deep knowledge of signaling protocols such as SIP, H.323, MGCP, SKINNY, and others. He has been involved in several bug fixes, escalations, and critical account cases from around the globe. He has over seven years of experience in the IP voice industry.

Remember to use the rating system to let Edson know if you have received an adequate response.

Edson might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Collaboration Voice, & Video IP Telephony subcommunity shortly after the event.This event lasts through Friday April 19, 2013. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other Cisco Support Community members.