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Configuring Email Notification for CUE users

Perform these steps to configure email notification for the CUE users:


  1. Go to Voicemail > Message Notification > Notification Administration and perform these steps:.

    • Make sure Enable system-wide notification for is  checked, for All   Messages.
    • Check Allow user to login to voicemail box to retrieve voicemail  when phone  notification device is notified
    • Check Attach voice messages to email notification messages. Click  Apply.
  2. Go to Administration > Domain name settings > set your domain name ( and set your DNS server if  you have one. Click Apply.

  3. Go to Administration >SMTP Settings > Set your SMTP server address, as well as any authentication if needed. Click Apply.

  4. Go to Configure > User > choose user > check the Enable notification for this user box at bottom of the screen. Click Apply.

  5. Go to Configure > User > Notification tab > click on email inbox. Perform these steps:

    • Enter the user's email address.
    • Input a subject text for the email.
    • Check box Enable notification to this device
    • Check box Attach voice message to email notification messages.
    • Change Notification Preference to All Messages.
    • Set up the Notification schedule, during which e-mails will be sent. Click Apply.
    • On the router, set your domain-name and ip name-server.


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    Community Member

    Good document. Cisco document missed step 4. The Enable notification to this device is grey out in the Notification Tab if this step is missing.