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Configuring SCCP Phones to CUCM 10.x


This document explain how to add SCCP Phones to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.x using manual configuration and auto-registration.


1. Manually add SCCP Phones to CUCM 10.x

Configure and Register phones in CUCM:

1. Get the MAC address of the Phones before adding the SCCP Phones
2. Navigate to CUCM administration page, from the menu select Device > Phone
3. Find the list of phones
4. Click AddNew button to add the new IP Phone
5. On AddNew button , select Phone type : Cisco 7965 and Select SCCP
6. Click Next
7. Configure the Phone with the following parameters:

  • Device Name : Mac address
  • Description : Phone1-SJ1
  • Device Pool : Sanjose  (Complete the Device pool configuration before adding the SCCP Phones)
  • Phone button template : Standard Cisco 7965 SCCP
  • owner : Anonymous (Public/shared space)
  • Device Security profile : Cisco 7965 - Standard SCCP Non-secure profile

8. Click Save
9. On Phone configuration page, click Line1 - Add a New Dn button to modify the phone number
10. Enter the Directory number = 2001
11. Click Save and Apply
12. Repeat the steps for all the ip phones in the site

Now you can manually do the IP Phones settings and verify the TFTP ip address on the IP Phones for communicating with the CUCM and register to the network.


2. Configure Auto-registration for SCCP Phones 
Enable Auto-registration on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and register all IP phones 
to the Branch site

1. Navigate to CUCM administration page and from the menu select, System > Cisco unified CM and click Find button
2. From the list, selct the communications manager
3. On the Cisco Unified CM page, under the Auto-registration information, use the following parameter

  • Universal Device Template : Auto-registration Template
  • Universal Line Template : Sample Line Template with TAG usage examples
  • Starting number : 5001
  • Ending number : 5008
  • Uncheck the Auto-registration disabled on the Cisco unified Communications Manager check box to enable auto-registration

4. Click Save
5. Verify the Auto registration for CUCM group is enabled. 
Go to System > Cisco Unified CM group - ensure that Auto-registration Cisco unified CM group is checked
6. On the CUCM administration page, from the menu select, User Management > User/Phone Add > Universal Device Template.
7. On the Universal Device Template page, Click Find to list the default templates
8. Click on Auto-registration Template and expand the Service configuration settings towards the bottom of the page
9. Delete the URL from the Idle field and from the Idle Timer field 
10. Click Save
11. Repeat the steps 8-10 for all the phones on branch site
12. IP Phones with DN 5001-5008 will get registered automatically with CUCM
13. On CUCM administration page, from the menu select Device > Phone
14. Now Find the list of phones configured 
15. Click the Device Name of the phone and the Description 
16. Configure the phones with the Device pool

  • Description - Phone1 -1
  • Device pool - Sanjose (Complete the Device pool configuration before adding the SCCP Phones)

17. Click Save and Reset
18. Repeat the steps from 14-17 for all the phones