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Configuring SIP video devices to CUCM 6.x and later

Configuring SIP video devices to CUCM 6.x and later

Cisco Unified Communcations Manager built support for SIP video endpoints starting 6.x release. Deolpyments that would like to add SIP based video endpoints that are now fairly popular can go through the below information.

Step1: Reference the documentation for installing Third-party SIP phones on the Cisco Unified Communications manager

The above link is more comprehensive.

One can reference the information below as a quick sample reference.

Step 2: Configure SIP Device Profile

a. Use the Default SIP profile and copy it as the Third party SIP endpoint


b. SIP Device profile for the Video Endpoint. In this example a Sony TL50 is configured.


Step 3: Configure Phone Security Profile

a. The Third-party SIP device (Advanced) is needed for Video endpoints.
“Note Third-party SIP Device (Basic) supports one line and consumes three license units, and Third-party SIP Device (Advanced) supports up to eight lines and video, and consumes six license units.”

b. Use the Third-party SIP device profile  and copy it to represent the Third party SIP endpoint


c. Device profile for the Sony TL50 from the above.


Step 4: End User Configuration

a. Configure the ID as the DN that the endpoint is configured with.

b. Digest credentials need to be configured and may not be left blank


Step 5: Configuring SIP video endpoint.

a. Mac address – Configure the endpoints MAC address

b. Protocol section
i. Select the configured Device Security Profile
ii. Select the SIP profile
iii. Select the Digest user



Step 6: Restart the device

a. Test by making calls from the endpoint  with <DN> or <DN>@<CUCM IP address> as called number (DN=Destination Number. Some endpoints support E.164 dialing or URI  dialing so one should use methids supported by the endpoints)

Notes: Please reference the website for details on supported SIP video endpoints.

A Proof of Concept with existing endpoints is recommended to understand fully if there is any incompatability in operation.