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Corporate Directory - Timeout

Corporate Directory - Timeout


Can we set a timer on a Cisco phone / Call Manager to either timeout (Corporate directory) and go to main phone display, or when you are in directory and the phone rings it will place directory in background until the call is answered. Currently if we go to the directory / Corporate directory search it will stay there indefinitely.


  • As of now we do not have a parameter for the Corporate Directory in order for it to automatically close.


  • Customers can contact their Cisco account team and submit a feature request (FR) so our developer team can take that feature into Consideration for further CCM releases.


  • Cisco account team has access to the Product Enhancement Request (PER) tool, with this tool, the Cisco account team can submit a PER on customers behalf with a business case (Ex: SR) behind it.


You may contact me on for further information on this or contact Cisco TAC