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CUCM 6.x: Troubleshoot CFA (Call Forward All) Issues

This document talks about some of the CFA issues which occurs in CUCM 6.x

Problem: Unable to configure CFA from subscriber when the publisher is down

When trying to configure a line for Call Forward All from CCM user page or CCM admin page on the Subscriber when the publisher is down, it fails with the following error:

"Access to the requested resource has been denied. The attempted action was a violation of security protocols and will not be allowed. Please try another action."

When making a change via CCM user page gets message: "Update failed. No UPDATE permission". However, can configure CFA from the IP phone and everything works as expected.


In CUCM 6.0(1), the User Facing Feature(UFF) support is introduced that allows CUCM to update local databases with user interface changes (CFA, Hunt login/out, EM, DND, etc) that then replicate to the other nodes (including the publisher).  But, all web based CUCM Admin and User updates must be done on the publisher.  This is the reason why you can update CFA from the phone, but not from the web pages when the publisher is down.

Problem: Removing cfwdall from CCMUser page removes all other fwd settings for line

Login to the ccmuser webpage, set cfwdall to voice mail and save it. The calls will go to VM correctly. Now,  remove the cfwdall from ccmuser page and save it. This will remove all the fwd settings like cfwdbusy,cfwdnoanswer,cfwd no coverage etc from the line configuration settings of the phone on CCMAdmin page.

If you remove call forward all from the CCMuser webpage by user , clears all other fwd settings from the line on CCMAdmin page.


Refer Cisco Bug ID CSCsl40753 for the workaround.

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