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CUE Restore failed with error "No restore done"




While doing upgrade from CUE version 2.3 to CUE version 7.0 and then restoring the backup from 2.3 version getting error :- No Restore done.


Migrating from CUE 8.0.1 to 8.0.2. Once trying to restore the backup  (History, Data, Config) of the 8.0.1 to the new version on 8.0.2 and  getting the error message as below:


No Restore done.
Restoring more ivr scripts: 17, than license: 16

Check Restore history for detailed information.


CUE version is 8.0.2
Service Module is Cisco ISM0/0




Restore of a full backup with maximum number of IVR applications supported by module fails.Backup with the maximum number of IVR applications supported by module is restored.  For AIM-CUE and NM-CUE the maximum number of IVR applications that can be created is 4 and 8 respectively.So, Execute 'show ccn applications ivr' to determine the number IVR applications that exist.




We will need to make change of all 3 directories of Configuration, Data,and History by extracting the CCNAPP_pre_op.backup in text editor and change the value of CCNAPP/num_applications from 17 to 16 as per error message indicated.

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